10 Food Instagram Accounts die je zou moeten volgen!

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Top 10 Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

We at INK361 are pretty big fans of food. So you can imagine when Instagram first came out, we knew it was love at first site. Although Instagram has grown tremendously since its beginnings, the food community has grown with it. There are tons of different kinds of food accounts. Some like to photo the entire process of making their meal, some like to take photos of all the popular dining spots in a particular city, or through out their travels, and some even take clean eating to a whole new level of deliciousness. In order to pick out our favorite accounts, we’ve asked our friends at Food52 for some of their picks. Food52′s photography has a very unique style and composition, making their photos incredibly interesting and beautiful. We are so excited to join forces with them to curate our top 10 favorites!

1. @sarah_kieffer
Sarah Kieffer makes all types of food but really specializes in pastries and baked goods, both sweet and savory. Her account is filled with delicious looking desserts, speciality pizzas, and much, much more.

2. @yossyarefi
Yossy Arefi is an amazing baker and food photographer who blogs over at Apt 2B. Baking Co. Pictured below is a creative twist on traditional Easter eggs, made with all natural dyes.

3. @emikodavies
Emiko Davies is a columnist for Food52 and currently working on her first cookbook on Florentine cuisine. Her photos are mouth-watering: Pictured here is her lemon ricotta cake drizzled with icing and topped with chopped pistachios.

4. @dagmarskitchen
Sonja Dahlgren is a photographer and food stylist so you can just imagine how wonderful her images are. Her dishes are beautiful, delicate, and delicious looking.

5. @edibleash
Ashley Mclaughlin takes all her awesome photos on her iPhone. Her meatloaf veggie burger topped with mashed potatoes and gravy looks absolutely scrumptious.

6. @dollyandoatmeal
Lindsey Love specializes in gluten and dairy free recipes. Hand rolled fettuccine anyone?

7. @whatforbreakfast
Marta Greber is a German food photographer and cook. She loves to make unique and yummy breakfast meals.

8. @clean_eating_journal
Deanna loves to cook with simple foods and keep it clean, specializing in the paleo diet. Her lemon pepper wings are to die for.

9. @Mollyyeh
Molly Yeh has a beautiful food blog filled with unique and whimsical creations. Pictured here are softball sized meringues with marzipan.

10. @emcdowell
Erin Mcdowell is a food stylist based in NYC. All her photos are appetizing, like these morning eggs stuffed and cooked in red peppers.

11. @food52 – bonus!

How could we possibly forget our friends? We love everything about Food52 and their community of incredible chefs. Take a look at their account and website, you will see why! P.S. They also stock beautiful cookware and home goods for you to style and photograph your delicious creations!

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